5 Reasons You Need a Coach

It's been two months of the same thing. Workout program after workout program grinding in the gym, writing up your own workouts and cardio sessions, trying to make sure you get them all in during the week. Slowly the motivation starts to fade, and you're left wondering why you started, how you're going to kick up the intensity and keep that accountability with yourself.

I've been there. I've followed all the workout DVD's, training program after training program, but they all got stagnant eventually. I started to write my own workouts, which I really enjoyed and stuck to them for a long time! However, as you get more and more into it, the motivation starts to disappear and you're left with the hope that your own discipline and accountability can pull you through this.

What do you do when this starts to happen? I found that I start backing off of my workouts, skipping cardio sessions, and losing ALL my motivation to keep going.

It wasn't until I found an online coach that kick-started everything for me. I realized that there were so many reasons WHY I needed this in my life, and why it was so dang important for me to stick with it!


I found that with weekly check-in's with pictures and progress updates, it MADE me stay accountable with myself and with my coach. Making sure you stayed on track in between check-in's was motivating, and it eventually forced me to form a new habit of staying on track. They say it takes 3 weeks for you to form a new habit, so after a few weeks of check-in's, it became easier and more like second-nature for me to eat right and hit all my workouts!


When it comes to losing motivation, look to your workouts. Usually, a program is set up one certain way and has the same type of training throughout the program. If you are repeating that program over and over, your training will never really change. If you're writing your own workouts, you probably find yourself writing out the same type of reps, sets, exercises, weekly split, etc. Once you hire a new online coach you'll start to receive fresh workouts with a totally different style of training. That ALONE is exciting and your muscles are going to LOVE the switch up. The first week you will feel so sore and motivated to keep going - I promise!


Expanding from point 2, you will receive a new style of training and LEARN from it. You'll learn how your body responds to a new type of training, exercises, switch up in your reps and sets, and overall just gain so much more knowledge in the gym!


Along with knowledge in the gym, you will be guided on how to perform those new exercises. When you're unsure on an exercise that they have given, all you have to do is shoot over an email/text/direct message (whichever communication is decided upon between you and your coach) and ask them to review a video of you performing that exercise. A quick form check should take only a few minutes!


No matter what, your coach will be there for you. Yes, if you need that little extra motivation or that push to get your cardio session in, they will be there for you. However, if you need that emotional and mental support, they'll be there to listen to that, too. One misconception with Online Personal Trainers is that it's all for the physical transformation, and for the workouts and nutrition aspects. WRONG. Your health and fitness journey is way MORE than physical. Your true transformation starts from the inside, it's the mental transformation. THAT transformation is the most important.


What I kept telling myself during my time with that online coach was, this will always be worth it. Whatever happened, or whatever it cost, it was always worth it. It kickstarted my love for health and fitness again, it motivated me to get back to the gym and get my cardio in, it helped me reach my goal of competing in the NPC, it helped me learn SO much about my body and how it responds to different techniques, I gained so much knowledge about nutrition and manipulating my macros to see awesome results. It was worth it.

I have a few questions for you:

What is your health worth to you?

Are you willing to invest in your health?

Are you really ready to finally reach your goals?

Comment down below your answers! I would love to hear from you, and to hear your thoughts on this!

Nicole Hunter