Stop Body Shaming

Have you ever been body shamed? No matter if it was skinny/fat/fit shaming, it’s still BODY shaming – and it needs to stop. If you’ve ever been in a situation where this has happened, then you know it doesn’t feel very good. It flat-out sucks. At first you’re taken back by the comment. In a little bit of shock. After that shock goes away it goes into self-doubt, and you start to question yourself and question what you’re doing.

“Is it working? Is it the right thing for me to be doing? Is it what I really want? Maybe I should just stop doing what I’m doing…”

These negative comments destroy your happiness and take away your pride all in a split second. The person making these comments has NO idea the back story to your post, or the hard times that you’ve been through. Sometimes it can be family member or friends, other times it is a complete stranger. Either way,  they have NO clue of the whole story behind your post or behind YOU as a person and what it took to get you to where you are now.

Body shaming is never okay, and is never appropriate – no matter what type of shaming it is.

This happened to me yesterday, actually. Some random dude went commenting on one of my transformation pictures ↓↓↓

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 7.06.02 PM.png

He stated that I “looked like Skeletor.” At first I was taken back a bit, so I googled Skeletor. If you look up who he is you’ll actually find out that he was pretty JACKED!! For me, I thought, “Nice! That’s kind of a compliment..” so I went back and thanked the guy! He actually came back and told me I looked like him “in a bad way.”  – Wait… what??

I was shocked once again, and taken back a bit. I was sitting there wondering why anyone had the nerve to comment on some random chicks Instagram, and comment on their body in a negative way. My sister-in-law commented backing me up, and he then decided to attack her (they are blocked/deleted now, so no point going there to check what was all said). I really don’t understand it. It made me laugh at first, yes, because it was absolutely ridiculous, but throughout the day it kept popping into my head and I kept thinking about his comments.


SO I reminded myself of my INTENT on posting that picture.

The girl on the left was hungry all the time, was tired all the time, frustrated with her progress and constantly thinking negatively about herself, and had a HORRIBLE relationship with food.

The girl on the right is always fed and FUELED, finally confident in her own skin, energized (look at the difference in my skin and under my eyes), and finally HAPPY with who she has become.

I wanted to show women all over that you can fuel your body properly, and repair your relationship with food AND yourself. I wanted to show that it was YEARS in between these photos, not just a quick fix. And I wanted to put myself out there and get out of my comfort zone again. If you’ve been following me for a while – then you know I’m all about pushing boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone! That is how we grow as human beings!


I started thinking about my WHY. WHY am I doing this? WHY am I pushing so hard everyday? WHY am I sticking to my macros every day? WHY is this such a big deal to me? I want you to think about your why, and remind yourself of it regularly!

My WHY is so I am healthy, and strong and to show my kids that you can have a balanced healthy lifestyle. I want them to know that their Momma can be strong too, and that being healthy does NOT mean you have to deprive yourself of carbs and certain foods. I would love for them to grow up with the healthiest relationship to food ever, so they never have to deal with depriving themselves of ALL the carbs just to be skinny or “in shape”, or depriving themselves of their favorite foods just because it will hurt their weight loss. NO. I want them to learn that food is fuel, and your body needs ‘x’ amount of it to run properly. I want them to eat to fuel their bodies properly.

I am showing them how to workout every time they come in the garage with me. They are learning all of this at the age of 2 and 4 so hopefully they can be set up for the rest of their lives. I don’t want them to do the whole weight loss yo-yo thing that I’ve done, and that I’ve seen so many others do. I want them to be strong as hell and to just be healthy!

me and bg.jpg


I started to think about my progress. Am I getting too muscular? Am I too big? Am I too small? Am I good where I am? Should I stop with my goals?

My progress is what drives me. What fuels my motivation to keep going. What do your goals and aspirations do for you? What are your goals? Be sure to write down your goals – whether they be daily goals, weekly goals, or yearly goals! If you need more info on writing out your goals, I wrote THIS blog post on that!

My goals and dreams are to be strong, bad-ass, mom of TWO, and I let that guy get in my head and question that!? Hell NO. I’m going to keep doing me, keep growing and keep adding muscle. What I look like is not up to him.

Do not let these negative comments minimize your progress and what you have done to get that progress. Do not let them question your goals either! How I want my body to look is my own business, and not theirs. If your goal is to be super jacked – then BE SUPER JACKED. If your goal is to do a bikini body competition – DO IT. If your goal is to just workout and be healthy – DO IT. Don’t let the negative comments from others, steer you away from your goals. Just do YOU babe.


What ever you do, don’t let the comments suffocate your fire. Use it as FUEL – like gasoline on a fire. Use it to motivate you and use it to push you even harder.

I don’t know about you, but when I read/hear comments made about the way I SHOULD look (apparently to them), it makes me want to do the opposite and makes me want to go harder in the gym. It makes me want to show them what’s UP and show them that I am in control of my body and how I want it to look – not them.


I want you to block those comments or delete them. You read them once, there is no point in reading them over and over again. Get rid of them. You most likely will hear them in your head, but I want you to use that as motivation!

Stick to your goals, dreams, aspirations, and just focus on YOU. Focus on why you started, focus on your goals, and focus on staying true to being YOU.

Just keep your head down and GO.

Nicole Hunter