The Problem With Comfort Zones


I've been all about changing it up this year! In life, and with my fitness. If you've been following me on social media, or know me personally... I don't like to get too comfortable, and I am constantly setting new goals for myself (physically and mentally). Don't get me wrong though, I still get scared and so nervous when things are about to shift, or change. However, I tried to really focus on a few new motto's this year: "get out of your comfort zone" and "get comfortable being uncomfortable," because if you knew me growing up, or even a few years ago.. it has not always been this way. I was the shy quiet girl minding her own business in the corner and was basically the queen of comfort zones. However, the past year I really feel like I have grown so much mentally.  I have finally agreed to face my fears, and basically roll with what the "universe" was handing to me. Good and bad. I have learned to stop saying "nah, maybe next time" and changing it to "yes, let's do it!"

I've recently signed up to study for my NASM CPT (certified personal trainer) and doing it all from home (with two kids running around, pretending they are dogs and barking my at my feet while I read my textbook. It's fine though... we're fine). On a serious note though, I have been thinking about doing this CPT for a year or two now, and only just recently decided to go for it. Moral of the story, take time with your decisions and make sure it's what you really want.

I've also been reading 'self-help' books about empowering yourself, feeling the fear and DOING IT ANYWAY, and even how to make more money - and they've all got me thinking. These gears of mine are MOVING. BIG things are going to be going down over here.. I can feel it!


I went waaayyy out of my comfort zone a few months ago, and actually directly asked for a job/interview at an awesome ass company, because I realized that was what I REALLY wanted to do with my life. In the end, it didn't work out and I didn't get the job. BUT I kept working away and kept my eye on my goal. It was such a great learning experience for me and it really made me think.  I knew that I really wanted that job... but I realized it wasn't the right job for ME and something better was going to come for me if I kept on grinding. I kept working, kept positive, and HELLO! A few weeks later something else opened up at the same company. An amaze-balls freelance job happened for me!

I stepped out of my comfort zone, SCARED AS SHIT, uncomfortable, and probably a little sweaty - and to my surprise, nothing bad happened! Ha! Yes, I didn't get that particular job, but I learned and grew from that experience, and something pretty dang cool came along. (AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!)


Why is it that we are so okay with staying in our comfort zone? It's a familiar place and (obviously) comfortable. Maybe we all hate change. It's because we think our comfort zone is this "safe place" where nothing bad happens, right? And it's when we finally decide to step out of that safe place, that everything changes and it's scary and there is a whole lot of uncertainty, right? That is true, yes.. but how are we supposed to grow in life when all we ever do is stay in our comfort zone. What if you're unhappy where you're at, and crave change so badly, but yet you demand to stay in your 'safe place' because its comfortable. For some reason, it so hard for us to get uncomfortable temporarily in life. We are such big creatures of habit and accustomed for staying where it is safe for us.

I know that sometimes maybe you really DO want to expand and get out of your comfort zone. That you crave change and want it so bad, but you just can't help the negative thoughts in your head from telling you that maybe you aren't worth it, or that you don't deserve to do something you absolutely love. My question for you is, why is it so damn hard for us to turn those negative voices OFF, and to follow our own dreams in life? We really need to learn how to shut down those inner negative vibes, and replace them with positive ones right away.

I read something about negative voices and your inner critic, and I thought it was so true. You were not BORN with an inner critic. Your inner critic was basically born from what others expect you to be, and what the outside world's standards are. It's NOT you. So once you learn that, and learn how to block those thoughts out, you'll be on your way!

If you've been following my recent Bulking Series on the blog and read last week's post (Week 2), then you know I have been struggling with negative vibes. Negative thoughts are causing me to think about possibly quitting my bulk, and making me feel like it's a bad idea. Although deep down I know what my body goals are, and what I have to do to achieve those goals. That inner critic that I was hearing last week, they aren't true. It's just society's standards and social norms trying to tell me what to do. So replacing those negative thoughts and doubt with positive thoughts, and affirmations are helping me block all those negative vibes OUT.


Let's say that your comfort zone is one big bubble, and all your favorite people are in there, your daily routines, your job, and even your ONE route to said job is in there. Once you finally step out of that bubble and try something new, it pops!  You are outside of your comfort zone (bubble), nervous as hell, trying to learn something new and scared of what is going to come out of this new experience/change. You start to question what the heck you are doing out of your safe and cozy bubble, and start to second guess your self. This is when your negative thoughts and vibes start to creep in and take over, and they start talking you into quitting or returning to your old bubble. Right when you start talking negatively about what you are doing, you'll start second guessing yourself and your dreams (even though deep down you KNOW for a fact it's what you want to do). We have to, I repeat HAVE TO, stop those negative vibes dead in their tracks. Start thinking about why you want this change so badly, what you will gain from stepping out of your comfortable bubble. Once you get past that fear, you'll feel so proud of yourself and so empowered.  Yes, it'll be scary at first and feel like you're in uncharted territory, but I promise it will be so worth it in the end.

[ "A comfort zone is a beautiful place to stay but nothing grows there." ]

Just remember that once you pop your bubble and step out of it, you'll soon get comfortable once again. That new routine that you tried, or that new job that you got, you will eventually feel comfortable again, and you'll have an even bigger and newer bubble.


Try and really push your boundaries to keep growing. Change doesn't happen from staying where you are. If you are unhappy, or crave change in your life, then it's time to push those boundaries and step out of that comfort zone of yours. Even if you don't get that job, or that new smoothie you tried was absolutely disgusting, you've gained so much knowledge. You experienced it, and now know what not to do, or now know more clearly what you want to do with your life.

Nicole Hunter