How I Grew My Glutes

All my life I was convinced I wouldn’t have a butt, because #GENETICS. I always had a tiny little pancake bum and I just accepted it for what it was. Haha! I didn’t even try to change it, because I didn’t even KNOW you could! I thought it was what it was, and that’s it.


Having bigger/stronger glutes is not only for the aesthetic look of your body. Did you know that having strong glutes can help with your posture, help in every day life – picking heavy objects up, also make climbing stairs, sitting down and standing easier, decrease your risk for injuries, and help with your athletic performance. They can also help with hip extension, hip mobility, and reduce back stress!

Time for Change

After I had my daughter in 2015, I decided it was time to do something about my lack of glutes. I decided to ditch all my cardio DVD’s and step into the garage gym that we had – where my husband would lift his weights.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 7.39.41 PM.png

I remember when I took that  picture in July 2015 and saw the LACK of butt, I decided right then and there that it was time I drop ALL of my cardio DVD’s, and try out weight training.

Fast forward to March of 2016, I knew weight lifting was the golden ticket to growing your glutes. Little did I know that I was under fueling TREMENDOUSLY, and I had to increase my intake by over double.

1. EAT

Before starting lifting, I was eating around 90-100g of carbs a day, 195g protein and little fat – around 1300-1500 calories. I remember jumping my carbs up to 115g and thinking I was a badass, and I was going to GROW those glutes so fast! hahaha. Makes me laugh out loud!

My maintenance macros NOW are 333g carbs,  179g protein, and 79g fat!


In order to grow muscle, you need to EAT ENOUGH – and be in a surplus from your maintenance macros. With that said, As I was in my first year of lifting, my maintenance carbs were set to 275g (it depends on your age, activity level, weight – so obviously now my numbers are different), but over my first year, I worked up to eating over my maintenance carbs of 275g and was up to 312g of carbs! I ate over maintenance for months, and eventually was up to 333g. To grow muscle ladies, you can not be afraid of putting on mass (which comes with some extra fat), and you can’t be afraid to eat.

If you are looking to grow some serious muscle, or glutes – look into increasing your carbs a tiny bit. To avoid excess fat gain, you don’t want to jump those numbers dramatically! Try increasing them by 19g every 4 weeks and see how you feel! Once you feel like you’re maybe gaining a little too much unwanted fat, then stop adding in carbs, or decrease to the previous carb number you were at.


My favorite glute exercises are:

  • Heavy Banded Barbell Hip Thrusts

  • Barbell RDL’s

  • Bulgarian Split Squats

  • Cable Kickbacks

  • Kneeling Squats

  • Sumo Deadlifts

I do TWO leg days per week,  and I really like to add in a third day where I focus on a few glute exercises (like I listed above)! You want to make sure to leave two days in between your two main leg days, and then on my third day I don’t like to go too heavy! I like to get a good burn and a good pump on that day.


Make sure you are taking a rest day each week and focusing on rebuilding/recovering those muscles! Rest days can suck for avid lifters, but they are crucial. I make sure to drink my BCAA’s through out my rest days to help with recovery. Foam rolling and stretching is also a great idea to do on your rest days!

Get your gallon of water in every day – even on your rest days. Hydration is important for you and your muscles.


This didn’t happen over night you guys, this is been over 2 whole years of consistent lifting and eating properly!  Give it time my loves!


Let me know if this helps you at all! If you have any questions just comment below or find me on my Instagram or Facebook page! I’ll be doing up a Glute Day workout for you guys sometime soon – so stay tuned!!

Nicole Hunter