How to Find Your Target Heart Rate

Have you ever read a Fitness Program where it called for you to reach 60%, 75%, 80% or 85% of your Heart Rate max and you’re sitting there thinking, “what now? huh?”

I was on the Stairmaster this morning getting my cardio in after my lift, studying my Women’s Fitness Specialist manual and it was talking about Heart Rates and figuring out a person’s Target Heart Rate and I thought, “I know all of this already. Easy peasy!”

However, it got me thinking later on that even though I know how to figure this out for myself, I bet there were people at the same gym this morning who had no idea how to figure this out for themselves.

A lightbulb went ‘DING! Nicole, you have this wonderful platform that you can inform people about how to do this. Use it!”

So here we are   Let’s get to learnin’, shall we?


↓ Heart Rate Zones/Levels of Intensity ↓

Zone One: 50 – 75% → walking, jogging

Zone Two: 76 – 85% → group exercise class, circuit training, spinning

Zone Three: 86 – 95% → sprinting

↓ How to Find Your Own Heart Rate max (HRmax) ↓

Let’s figure out your Heart Rate max before finding your target heart rate. Subtract your age from 220.

220 – age = HRmax
My example: 220-28 = 192bpm = my HRmax

↓ How to Find YOUR Target HR (THR) ↓

Here is the Target HR Formula that you can use. You’ll need your HRrest, HRmax and desired intensity for the exercise you will be doing.

THR= [(HRmax – HRrest) x desired intensity] + HR rest
My example: [(192 – 42) x .85] + 42 = 170bpm = my THR


 ∙  ∙  ∙

What I like to do for my circuit training is focus on getting my THR up to about 75% of my HRmax and keep it there for 30-60 seconds. Slow down or pause and get my THR back down to about 60% of my HRmax. Once I reach that level, I turn the speed up again and increase my HR back up to 75% of my HRmax.

Did this help you? I’d love to start sharing more things like this with you guys that will help YOU out on your fitness journey. Comment below if you have any questions or other topics for me to cover!

Happy Friday my loves!

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