Why I Stopped Tracking Sugar

“WHAT?! You stopped tracking sugar?! What about everything you’ve been talking about and doing the past few years?!”

WELL. Let’s get started, shall we?

This May Surprise You

I decided to finally stop tracking my sugar intake when I started prepping for my bikini competition that I plan on doing in the fall! You’re probably thinking “WHAT?!”

“Why would you stop tracking it NOW Nicole? Shouldn’t you be even more aware of it now?”

Well, coming from my coach Lauren, and her boyfriend Dylan Bair, (who is a Registered Dietician) they do not track their sugar, even when prepping for a bikini or bodybuilding competition. They have seen that it has no effect on their competition prep!

Read more detailed information on sugar and the effects here: Muscle For Life

The foods that you are eating while doing ‘IIFYM’, and ‘clean eating’, you’re going to be picking and choosing foods that have lower sugar content, no matter what. You’re going to be eating more rice, potatoes, veggies, meat etc. It’s the snacking or the “balance” portion of flexible dieting where you’re going to be getting MOST your sugar from (if you’re doing it right haha).

My Experience

When I was tracking my sugar intake and making sure I was always under 30g a day, I found that I was cutting fruit out COMPLETELY, choosing foods like popcorn, or a type of starch that has low nutritional value in it, or protein bars with LOW sugar (but high in that fake shit) or other sugar-free options that are loaded with all kinds of crazy things.

I found myself getting away from choosing healthier options that MAY have some sugar, to snacking on packaged things or foods that weren’t very nutrient dense.

I really missed eating fruit. I remember eating one strawberry and my mouth and salivary glands would go INSAAAANE. I wanted more, but I was dedicated to not eating ANY sugar so I would stop there, and probably go find something packaged to eat because it fit my low sugar macros.

Be Smart About It

Although I am not tracking my sugar at all anymore, this doesn’t mean that I am going crazy and eating all the candy and sugary snacks every day.

This means that if I want to have 100g of strawberries, and 80g of blueberries with my FRUIT FLAVORED yogurt, I’m going to do it. If I want to have that delicious protein bar that has 12g of sugar, I’m going to eat it.

I find that I’m snacking more on yogurt, fruit, and tastier/sweeter cereals, and I LOVE IT. Way more than when I was choosing pretzels, popcorn, or veggie straws. I’m getting my carbs from foods that have more nutrients and more benefits to my overall health than having some quick digesting carb like pretzels, and then craving and wanting more!

If I ever have a craving for something sweet, I know I can just add a little fruit or a little honey, and go on with my day! I don’t have any ‘sugar crashes’ throughout the day, because I am still being smart about it.

Is It Affecting My Progress?

One word. NO.

I am 9-10 lbs down from my starting weight at the beginning of this prep (April 3rd) and I’m going strong with 55 + grams of sugar a day! I am still choosing rice/meat/zucchini/veggie’s for my main meals but my snacks have changed (like I said above).

My energy is up, I feel happier (probably because I am not depriving myself of the fruit that I love, or that cookie, or anything higher in sugar). I used to be SO diligent with making sure I chose LOW SUGAR foods. #BORING

Do I find that my progress is slower because of it? Not at all.

My Own Opinion

This is my own personal opinion, so if you feel like you do better with having lower sugar – than keep it lower! No judgement here! I am just sharing my journey with experimenting with my macros and what I am finding works for me and my body! If you find that you DO get a bad crash after eating a bowl of fruit – then maybe have a little bowl of fruit!


All in all, I’m just saying – not one thing will work for everyone. Everybody and every body is different. Take the time to learn about YOUR OWN body, and what works for you! If we all ate/drank and worked out the exact same way – most of us wouldn’t progress, or progress in the same way as the person next to you!

So you do you – and whatever you decide to do, CRUSHH ITTT!

[by Nicole Hunter | Jun 10, 2018]

Nicole Hunter