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break through
the restrictive
eating habits.

Restrictive eating and low calorie diets with hours of cardio and high intensity workouts per week leaving you fed up and right back where you started, but with a slower metabolism?

I know what that feels like, because I have been there.

Itโ€™s time you breakthrough those bad habits and find a sense of freedom again with food.


"your breakthrough is coming"


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Nicole Hunter was a high school, CCAA and NCAA athlete, and has been an athlete all of her life. After she married her college sweetheart and had two kids, she grew a HUGE love for health & fitness. Specifically strength training and proper nutrition!

Nicole is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Womenโ€™s Fitness Specialist and a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

She specializes in helping women learn how to properly fuel their body, give them the tools to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, as well as finally be able to DITCH their diets and fear of food!