#12TOFIT was created from the exact workouts and rep schemes that I did throughout my bodybuilding competitions, and I saw MASSIVE results. I built these workouts with Males, and Females in mind with an optional second leg day, or a chest/back day to best suit you and your goals!

Everything is covered in this training program, from types of cardio, strength training, teaching you how to fuel your body through customized macro calculations for YOUR body and YOUR physique goals. How to update your macros, how to reverse diet and when to implement a reverse diet. Check in reminders, workout log’s for each day, as well as a grocery checklist to take to the store with you for a quick reference. You’ll have access to me personally in the private facebook group filled with other like-minded individuals working on their health and fitness, becoming the best versions of themselves!

We believe in living an abundant life, always cheering our teammates on, and building big muscles.
The #12TOFIT community is going to be life changing.

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